Tuesday 12 May 2009

CNN's Ted Turner says Chinese one-child policy is not draconian

Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, said in a radio interview last week that the Chinese Communist regime has not used draconian means to limit China's population. (You can listen to the relevant part of the interview below.) The interviewer did next-to-nothing to query Turner's outrageous and ridiculous claim. This is yet another indication of just how pliant and supine is the mainstream media towards the anti-life movement.

The Chinese regime's 30-year record of infanticide, forced abortion, forced sterilisation, torture, imprisonment and other crimes is so voluminous that Turner's comments are analogous to denying the Holocaust. (Please see my blogs of 10 April and 14 February this year, and 25 April and 17 March last year; Fr Timothy Finigan's blog of 22 January 2007; and SPUC's 2004 submission to Parliament.)

Turner, and the population control movement which he supports, claims that:
  • the world is over-populated, and so couples should limit themselves to one child
  • China is too densely populated
  • developing countries don't have enough suitable land to feed and sustain their growing populations.
Perhaps Mr Turner could answer for us the following questions:
  • Which four of your five children would it have been better for the planet not to have been born?
  • Are you, an American, aware that large numbers of consumers of your various services live in American states (New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, New York) and developed countries (e.g. UK, Israel, Italy, Germany) which are more densely populated than China?
  • How much of the 2 million acres of rural land and 50,000 bison you own are you willing to share with the world's poor?