Saturday 30 May 2009

The threat of population control in Australia

A group called Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) is pushing for Australia to adopt a Chinese-style one-child policy, with the aim of reducing Australia’s population of 22 million people to seven million. The groups claims that such a drastic population cut is needed to ensure a sustainable future.

Anthony Ozimic of SPUC, who assists me with my blog, is an Australian, and he tells me:
"The history of modern Australia to the present day is one of under-population. Australia does not, and never has had, anywhere near a sufficient population to take proper advantage of its natural potential. As a result, Australia has always required fresh waves of immigration. I have personal knowledge of these things. Both sides of my family came to Australia from Europe, helping to meet Australia's need for hard-working, industrious immigrants. My father and maternal grandfather, both reservoir geologists, were at the forefront of supplying the oil and gas which sustains Australia's enviable standard of living.

"Believing in humanity entails acknowledging its unfailing ability to produce pioneers who solve many of its problems. Australia has always been a country of pioneers, whether it be explorers of Australia's vast habitable areas or scientists finding better ways to supply food, water and energy. A radical cut in Australia's population would mean cutting Australia's best natural resource - its people, and the future pioneers among them. Australia already has a below-replacement fertility rate and a high abortion rate. Concerns about sustainability, pollution, etc will not be addressed if fewer potential future scientists, engineers, etc are born."