Wednesday 16 September 2009

Slovak MEP defends European children against anti-family assaults

In a speech to the European Parliament, Anna Zaborska, the pro-life/pro-family Slovak MEP, has strongly defended moves by some European countries to protect both born and unborn children against elements within the European institutions. In particular, Mrs Zaborska defended the right of Lithuania to pass laws to protect children against sexualisation. Mrs Zaborka is greatly concerned, as I am, about the way that the European institutions are exceeding their remits in an attempt to impose abortion and other evils on European countries. The full text of Mrs Zaborska's brief speech is below.
"In 2006, Slovakia was condemned by the EU institutions because of a freedom of conscience clause in its national legislation.

"Today a national law from Lithuania which aims to protecting minors from sexualisation by society is condemned by the EU institutions.

"I consider our meeting to be a manipulation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This text is not a legally binding instrument.

"The EU Parliament is ignoring the legitimacy of the national Parliament of a Member State.

"The EU Parliament also requests an Opinion of the Fundamental Rights Agency, but this Agency has no mandate to assess the legal quality of a national law.

"I wonder what the Irish people will think about these procedures in advance of the upcoming referendum on the Lisbon treaty. What else can they think but that soon, Ireland also will be condemned because of its laws to protect the family and life?

"I profoundly regret that the European Parliament does not respect the basic principles of diversity and national culture, and that we question the protection of children and the right of parents to educate them."
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