Saturday 5 September 2009

Doctor stands up for unborn children in Brazilian parliament

Dr Talmir Rodrigues, a paediatrician and a member of the Brazilian federal parliament, spoke today to SPUC's national conference about the humanity of the unborn child, describing the unborn as those in need of particular care. It was a sin for Christians to neglect the issue of the sanctity of human life. Dr Rodrigues and his co-workers use SPUC’s foetal models to promote the pro-life message. He leads a group of more than 200 pro-life MPs, and he is about to run a conference on euthanasia.

Significant numbers of Brazilian Catholics, Evangelicals and Spiritualists were united in their defence of human life. Although Brazil was a secular state, more than 80% of the 191 million people there were Christians.

The Brazilian health minister, who hopes to liberalise abortion law, had alleged that there were many backstreet abortions. Dr Rodrigues was able to use his position as a politician to discover that there had not been many, and exposed another of the many occasions on which the pro-abortion lobby has told lies on the subject.

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