Thursday 15 September 2011

Lobby your MEP to stop pro-abortion power-grab

Wanda Nowicka, pro-abortion lobbyist
Just before the close of the European Parliament session in July, the pro-abortion lobby held a meeting on sexual and reproductive rights. Wanda Nowicka (pictured), one of the speakers at the meeting, said: “We don’t need hard law [legislation]; we only need a movement for EU [European Union] competency [on abortion].”

The pro-abortion lobby has now put this plan into action, by proposing amendments to a report called “Situation of fundamental rights in the European Union”. The amendments have been proposed via FEMM, the European Parliament's women's rights and gender equality committee. The report and these amendments are due to be debated by the whole parliament in its plenary session on 14 November in Strasbourg.

The amendments are aimed at giving the European Commission competency over abortion, by tying it to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and by decreasing the autonomy of EU member-states. The amendments are listed below for your information.

Please contact the Members of the European Parliament (MEP) for your region and urge them to oppose the amendments. If you are resident in the UK, you can find the contact-details for your region's MEPs at If you are resident elsewhere in the European Union, you can find the contact-details for MEPs at Please don't forget to copy any replies you receive from MEPs to SPUC either by email to or by post to SPUC HQ. SPUC will keep you updated with further information on this debate.

Please ask MEPs to oppose the following pro-abortion FEMM amendments to the report “Situation of fundamental rights in the European Union”:
  • "Whereas the judicial authorities of Member States are independent and may determine their own interpretation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights (DELETED)"
  • "Whereas the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon created a new situation in the EU in the field of human rights by making the Charter of Fundamental Rights legally binding (Article 6 TEU), (INSERTED)"
  • "Calls on the Commission to control thoroughly the implementation of European legislation related to gender equality in the Member States (INSERTED)"
  • "Invites the European Commission in the following years to consider a proposal for a legal framework on the issue of multiple and intersectional discrimination (INSERTED)"
  • "Is concerned about women's sexual and reproductive rights and health in some Member State; calls especially on the Member States to respect the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing and timing of their children, and to have information and the means to do so, including access to health care, legal and safe abortion and reliable, safe and affordable contraception (INSERTED)"
  • "considers that the Commission should more effectively use all available means, including, where appropriate, infringement procedures, in order to ensure that Charter provisions are applied when implementing the EU law.(INSERTED)"
  • "Calls on the Commission to find effective ways to follow up breaches of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, outstanding issues and specific cases of violations of fundamental rights and to carry out occasional audits in all Member States to identify unfulfilled Commitments. (INSERTED)"
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