Monday 26 September 2011

Medical director of BPAS finds performing abortions gratifying

I read a report today of a pro-abortion meeting held by Voice for Choice in central London last week. The meeting was addressed by Evan Harris, the former Liberal Democrat MP, Ann Furedi, the chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), and Dr Patricia Lohr, BPAS's medical director, and others from Brook.

Dr Lohr said she felt extremely fortunate to provide abortions. She said she finds performing abortion gratifying. She said Dr Lohr said that there was a need for all medical workers to be able to direct women towards an abortion even if the medical workers consider it to be morally wrong. She said:
"It's crucial for abortionists to talk about abortion as a good thing”.
But what kind of person thinks that performing abortions is gratifying; that one’s fortunate to provide them and that abortion is a good thing? Here, as a brief reminder, is a description of a suction abortion, the most common type of abortion procedure in Britain, representing 52% of the 189,574 abortions which took place last year under the Abortion Act in England and Wales:
“The cervix (the neck of the womb) must be stretched open to allow the surgeon to insert a plastic tube into the womb. Sharp-edged openings near the tip of the tube help to dismember the baby so the parts are small enough to be sucked out. The surgeon then uses the suction tube to evacuate the placenta from the womb. The remains of the baby are deposited in a jar for disposal.”
Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, who has written about the effect of abortion on the moral character of abortionists, says:
"The most likely negative effect upon abortionists may be the obscuring of their innate tendency towards the natural law in failing to distinguish unjustifiable homicide from medical treatment."
but that:
"[E]ven such a vice as serial killing of the innocent does not result in absolute and irrevocable corruption of an individual’s human nature."
So we must hope and pray that, like the late Dr Bernard Nathanson and other ex-abortionists, Dr Lohr will see that choosing life, not death, is gratifying.

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