Saturday 17 September 2011

SPUC calls on students to stand up for life in freshers' week

SPUC is committed to educating the general public about the reality of abortion and its consequences. To do this we need your help. That's why I'm delighted to announce our 2012 university freshers' week campaign, as reported on our new youth activism blog, RSVP Pro-life Youth UK:
SPUC is calling on students to stand up for life in universities around the country when the academic year begins. Last year students in thirteen universities handed out SPUC's Abortion - your right to know leaflet.

With more than five hundred and seventy abortions a day in the UK few remain untouched by this great tragedy. Your peers deserve to know the truth about abortion and some might desperately need to be reminded that there are alternatives to abortion and people who can help them make the choice to keep their child.

Unborn children deserve protection. Women deserve better than abortion and our generation urgently need to know the truth about abortion.

Will you help?

Email Daniel Blackman and request your leaflets for freshers' week today.
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