Tuesday 27 September 2011

Today's must-read pro-life news-stories, Tue 27 Sep

Gillian Walnes, Anne Frank Trust UK
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Medical director of UK abortion provider finds performing abortions gratifying
The medical director of one of the UK's largest abortion providers has said that she finds performing abortions gratifying. Dr Patricia Lohr of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) also told a meeting of the pro-abortion lobby that "It's crucial for abortionists to talk about abortion as a good thing”. John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "We must hope and pray that, like the late Dr Bernard Nathanson and other ex-abortionists, Dr Lohr will see that choosing life, not death, is gratifying." [John Smeaton, 26 September] http://goo.gl/7OQJD

Holocaust charity condemns BBC presenter's population control remarks
A UK charity remembering the Holocaust has condemned remarks by a BBC presenter promoting population control. Chris Packham, a BBC wildlife presenter, said: "We face horrendous hurdles in getting this message [about limiting population growth] across. The first thing is the Holocaust, because the minute you talk about this, people call you a eugenicist and they believe that you want to kill people." Gillian Walnes (pictured), of the Anne Frank Trust UK, said they were ‘bizarre. I think that Chris Packham has made an odd and shocking choice in using the Holocaust to try to justify rejection of his thoughts on population control. The lessons we take from the Holocaust are about what terrible things an enforcement ideology can lead to and of the value and sanctity of human life." [Mail, 27 September] goo.gl/a6EuV

Women who use RU486 experience more pain and distress, UK study suggests
Women who use RU486, the abortion drug, experience more pain and distress than those who have a surgical abortion, a new study suggests. Researchers at Newcastle university, UK, found that more than half of the women studied had a worse than expected experience of the drug. Psychological effects included nightmares of killing their unborn children. [Earned Media, 26 September] http://goo.gl/9PmHs

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