Monday 19 September 2011

God be with you Dana in your bid for the Irish presidency

I do hope I get some sleep tonight.

I go to bed this evening having read the worldwide news that Dana Rosemary Scallon, the international recording artist, and one of Ireland's most successful entertainers, has announced that she will be seeking a nomination for the forthcoming Irish presidential election.

Dana's was singled out prophetically a few weeks ago by one Irish columnist who said she was "politically shrewd, utterly sincere in her Christian beliefs and has a personal charm that's conspicuously lacking in some of her rivals."

Dana, a former Member of the European Parliament, has always been a defender of the Irish constitution.

At the beginning of this year, Dana joined an alliance of over thirty cross community groups calling for absolute protection for unborn children prior to the Irish general election in February. The alliance called on party leaders to sign a pledge to defend human life at all stages, from conception until natural death and that if elected:
  • They will not dismantle Ireland’s Constitution and will maintain the people’s sovereign and democratic right, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy according to the requirements of the common good.
  • They will respect and uphold the Constitutional right of the Irish people to decide on Ireland’s unique pro-life status.
  • They will not legislate for abortion and will absolutely oppose any attempt by unelected judges from the European Court of Human Rights, (ECHR) to usurp the Constitutional right of the Irish people to decide on abortion.
I pray that all Irish citizens who care about Ireland's historic defence of the sanctity of human life, and that all Irish citizens who care about defending their constitution, will get behind Dana's bid for the presidency.

God be with you Dana. 

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