Sunday 18 September 2011

SPUC launches its new schools talk

Michael Hill, SPUC's national vice-chairman and a speaker in schools, and Eileen Brydon, SPUC's education officer, have launched the new SPUC schools talk, at this weekend's SPUC 2011 annual national conference.

The new talk:
  • has been two years in production
  • has been brought up-to-date to include the latest available audio-visual resources
  • includes a discussion of difficult issues such as pregnancies caused by rape, unborn children with disabilities and population control.
  • is aimed at educating the next generation about the truth of child development in the womb and the reality of abortion
  • presents the pro-life view in an engaging and attractive way; it is hoped that the high standard of the talk will encourage more schools to invite SPUC to speak to them and therefore reach more students with the pro-life message.
Eileen Brydon told the conference:
"Every time a SPUC speaker speaks to students they are touching the hearts and minds of future generations. That is because they are speaking the truth. A SPUC schools speaker will both change and save lives".
Michael Hill told the conference:
"Children and young people are naturally pro-life. When young people learn the truth abortion most of them are appalled. Young people desperately need to hear an adult voice assuring them that their convictions are correct before they are reached by the lies of the abortion lobby".
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