Monday 19 September 2011

SPUC is working to stop the abortion lobby's sex education plans

Antonia Tully told SPUC's 2011 annual national conference yesterday how SPUC's Safe at School campaign is working to stop the abortion lobby's sex education plans. Antonia said:
"When I researched this programme the conclusion I came to is that it is systemically designed to prime children to have sex. Primary school is all about sex and secondary school is all about stopping pregnancies through contraception and abortion".
At five to seven the focus is on naming naming body parts. The exercises in Channel Four's 'Living and Growing' programme are designed to direct children's attention to physical differences between men and women, in particular the sexual organs. This breaks down the child's natural reticence about sexual activity and diverts their normal innocent interests.

Antonia then showed one of the video clips shown to children between the ages of seven to nine. The video is a cartoon depicting a naked couple chasing each other around a bed and engaging in sexual intercourse in numerous positions. An adult voice-over explains that sex is fun and makes people happy. A young girl's voice over exclaims that 'Yes, they do look very happy'.

Since SPUC began our campaign some of the 'Living and Growing' resources which were available on YouTube have been taken down. This shows how our campaign is cutting into the sex education's lobby's plans.

In these videos and discussions there is no question of introducing the idea of marriage into the sexual equation. Antonia said:
"Living and Growing puts sexual activity on the same plane as any activity that a seven year old might normally be involved in. How will children deal with this information: is it a game? a joke? a worry? a fear? How will this affect your child?"
The evidence suggests that boys are likely to understand the information as a game or joke, while girls are likely to become distressed.

By ages nine to 11 the focus is on getting children to talk about sex with sections on 'boy talk' and 'girl talk'. Children are told that masturbation is a normal part of growing up, is a nice feeling and that they shouldn't be worried about exploring their bodies this way.

Antonia said:
"The overall effect is to plant adult issues in children's lives. This is why we named our petition for our work in schools 'Give children back their childhood'. The sex education lobby want sex to be completely normalised for children and for children to be completely sexualised."

What is being taught in schools isn't the only thing that is sexualising children, but to overlook this massive part in the sexualisation of children would be negligent to say the least.

Antonia then tackled the issue of whether a pro-life organisation such as SPUC should be fighting the battle against sex education in schools. She said:
"Sexualisation leads to premature sex, premature contraceptive sex will lead to many abortions. If we don't tackle the issue of what's happening in schools we might as well shut up shop and go home. We won't be able to communicate the pro-life message to the next generation if they are so hardened by state-sponsored sex education. This issue has everything to do with an organisation campaigning against abortion and we ignore this at our peril. One of the great tragedies of this situation is that many parents are completely unaware of what they're children are being shown and taught."
Given the nature of what is shown it is not surprising that schools are not in a rush to tell parents about what their children are being shown. The BBC  were not prepared to show the material shown to children on national TV after the watershed. Antonia commented:
"If it can't be shown to an adult population, why on earth is it being shown to children?"
Safe at School hears on a weekly basis from parents who are appalled about what is happening and want to know what they can do about it. Antonia urged parents and teachers to take with them a copy of 'Sex education in primary schools: dispelling the myths' produced by the Family Education Trust. It is important to remember that primary schools are not obliged to teach this subject at all.

There is a danger that all these dangerous SRE materials would be shifted from the SRE classes and into the national curriculum science classes, from which parents do not have the right to withdraw their children. At this stage the law does still offer parents scope to protect their children, but many parents don't realise the reality of what's happening.

There is no evidence to suggest that sex education programmes either in primary or high school reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies. £300 million of taxpayers' money has failed to reduce teenage pregnancies. Since the big push for sex education in schools began in 1995 we have seen a dramatic rise in sexually-transmitted infections.

The promotion of graphic and inappropriate sex eudcation is so central to the plans of the abortion lobby, it must be central to our plans to oppose it. The International Planned Parenthood Federation and the pro-abortion Population Council have said: 'If we can just get this new comprehenseive sex education in every school and fully implemented around the globe, we can all stop working and go home!' ('It's all one curriculum', 2011).

Antonia concluded:
"They'll know they have won when they have destroyed our children. I'm sure you'll all agree with me that this is not going to happen. We at SPUC will not stop working until we have rid our schools of these programmes."
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