Monday 5 September 2011

Today's must-read pro-life news-stories, Mon 5 Sep

Jacek Tomczak, Polish MP
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Louise Mensch's abortion counselling amendment is another Dorries-like danger
In response to the government's rejection late last week of the Dorries-Field amendment on abortion counselling, Louise Mensch, a newly-elected Conservative party MP, has tabled her own amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill to be debated this coming week. Mrs Mensch said that her amendment has been framed to satisfy pro-abortion groups who object to the Dorries-Field amendment. John Smeaton, SPUC director, said: "The Mensch amendment is even worse than the dangerous Dorries-Field amendment. I urge pro-lifers to share SPUC's concerns about the Dorries-Field and Mensch amendments with their MP and ask him/her to raise them in debate this coming week, and subsequently in any debate or consultation if regulations are brought forward." [John Smeaton, 3 September]

English prosecutors failing to prosecute assisted suicide cases
The Times newspaper reports that no cases of suspected assisted suicide in England have been prosecuted since new guidelines were published 18 months ago. 30 suspected cases were referred to the Crown Prosecution Service but no prosecutions were launched. [Times, 5 September] SPUC warned when guidelines were published that it could lead to the de facto decriminalisation of assisted suicide.

Polish MPs threatened with fine for supporting abortion ban
15 MPs of Poland's government party were threatened with fines for supporting a bill aimed at banning all abortions. The Civic Platform party had ordered its MPs to vote against the bill. Jacek Tomczak (pictured), one of the threatened MPs, said: "I could not vote against my conscience, especially as it concerned the right to life of the most innocent and defenseless human beings." [, 2 September]

Other stories:

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